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Nourish your Mind, Body and soul with positive guidance  to optimal health

Heidi Brown, M.D.

Your First Medicine is Food 

You can not eat poorly and exercise well. It just won't work. You have to give your body the proper nutrients it needs first and foremost.

Weekly Botanical

This will be a section where we will learn about a botanical and the benefits of using it as a less invasive form of medicine.

Weekly Focus on a Supplement, Vitamin or Hormone

I will be focusing on one vitamin, supplement or hormone weekly to tell you about it. Click the more button to learn about or weekly pick!

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What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine takes into account all aspects of a patients lifestyle (health, wellness of mind, body, spirit  & community) and is a partnership between patient and practitioner. This means that the patient is very much involved in their healing journey and medicine can include all of conventional medicine, complementary and evidence based alternative medicine. When possible less invasive and natural therapies are used for health and/or treatment.

For 15 years I have been an Emergency Medicine Physician. I have seen people come into the ER when they are in their toughest moments. It does not matter if they come and sit to hold a hand, walk in only for me to tell them the life of their loved one has come to pass or if they are in the bed themselves. They are all hard seconds, minutes, hours and no family or patient wants to be there. These terrifying and exhausting moments for people have taught me so very much about my own life, hold onto those I love tight and take care of my health. This led me to search for other forms of  medicine that promote health and support the healing process. This pushed me to learn about nutrition, yoga, meditation, herbal medicine, energy healing, Ayurveda, Acupuncture and more. As I learned them and/or about them, I started to apply them to my own life. Meditating as I balance myself after a long nights work. Making sure to carry healthy snacks with me to help my mind stay clear and my body fully energized in the healthiest way possible. Implementing yoga as I awake, especially on nights when it became my sun, because my days shifted and I arose in the evening. On this journey I was led to the Integrative Medicine Fellowship, which is one of many things I am currently doing to sharpen my medical skills.  For everything I plan to teach and help with, I am my first patient and will help you as well as I take care of myself.

Meet Heidi Brown, M.D.